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I'm Carrie - a business coach who firmly believes in FULLY leveraging your time, talent and technology! Come on in, take a look around and see if I can be of help. There are loads of resources here and links to our social profiles too! 

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Automate This Now

For busy coaches, course creators, and service professionals, the time needed for consumption is less than 15 minutes, and implementation time varies but could be as soon as today!

The Sticky Client System: Create Customer Glue

Let's ensure that your hard-won customers stay, pay and refer!

Tired of the endless hunt for new and more customers? Let's create some "Client Glue" so that your current clients wouldn't dream of leaving...

  • 3 things to do today that will stop the Irish Goodbye from happening over & over again
  • Why more sales isn't going to fix your business and may even be killing it (if you don't fix this first)
  • Easy low-tech ways to have the 'best memory ever' (hint: I do not, in fact, have a good memory - but you can't convince my clients of that!)

Seven Figure Follow Up

✔︎ Increase sales with a FEAR-FREE follow-up framework
✔︎ Keep your commitment to follow up without being annoying
✔︎ Never let a lead go cold again
✔︎ Land the 'big deals' you dream of
✔︎ Secure more dream opportunities by building strong relationships through consistent follow-up

Rapid Replacement System

In this on-demand workshop I will give you my favorite hacks, tips, and tricks for duplicating yourself!

Get more done, in less time, with fewer errors!

Reduce your mental lifting and your stress load with Rapid Replacement Systems! An easy-to-watch and implement workshop series of short, actionable videos with downloadable handouts, checklists, and guides!

Rapid On-Ramp

Welcome every customer effectively without adding to your workload. You will be kicking yourself for not fixing this sooner!

The Audience Engine

Create your own home field advantage! Grow your list and fill the stands with fans!

Premium Pricing Engine

Create your offer stack, elevate your pricing and create the language about specifically what you're delivering clients from

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